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Focus HQ empowers organisations to steer multi-billion dollar portfoliosto steer multi-billion-dollar projects,
streamlined by A.I. and anchored through real-time, transparent oversight.

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The Only Project Management Software That Leverages AI-Enhanced Leading Indicators To Deliver Proven Results Across Thousands of Projects.

Streamlined Decision Making & AI-enhanced automation for

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Focus HQ streamlines project operations, enhancing risk assessment & identifying potential issues before they become a major concern. Integrated A.I. indicators inform and empower managers at every stage of the project to ensure success …

24/7 Real-time & Real-World Project Improvement for

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Experience robust 24/7 project oversight, full transparency, risk identification, and comprehensive asset management for unparalleled control and efficiency. The Focus HQ platform has been designed to make your life easier as a decision maker.

Complete Transparency & Executive Oversight Worth

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$ Billion Dollars (AUD)

Confident project managers rely on our platform to guide their projects. Built by real project managers and executives, battle-tested in the real world, Focus HQ resolves common pain points experienced by project managers & executives alike …

Optimize Decision Making with Consistent & Accurate real-time Information

The Right Decisions Made At The Right Time, By The Right People ...

Focus HQ provides project managers and key decision makers a “whole of life” view of entire project portfolios,  including outcomes and benefits derived from a guaranteed single source of truth.

By transitioning to standardised input and outcome processes for all your projects, you can measure and manage the projects in your organisation for performance and design now and in the years to come.

Powerful AI-Enhanced Decision Making

C-Suite & Leadership Team

An essential management platform for executives, delivering consistent, transparent project understanding.

Program & Portfolio Manager

Real-time, accurate reporting & consistent control, designed from extensive real-world experience.

Project Manager

Maximize delivery with less time on reports, with a proven, user-friendly platform for project managers.

Project Management Office

Embrace consistency with a single source of truth, integrated tasks and automated 24/7 reporting.

A Proven Feature Set ...

Focus HQ provides over fifty modules available at various hierarchy levels within Focus HQ, your organisation will have every feature required to build a high performing and high functioning portfolio of projects.

Integrated Portfolio-to-Project Plan

Embedded Tailored Governance & Audits

Embedded Best Practice Templates

Automated Reporting & Recommendations

A single Source of Truth

In the ever-evolving realm of project management, quick and informed decision-making is crucial. Focus HQ offers the “Single Source of Truth” feature, revolutionizing how you navigate this complex landscape.

Say goodbye to conflicting data and stressful uncertainties. Embrace streamlined, stress-free decision-making with up-to-date, reliable information stored inside a single unified location.

Discover how Focus HQ’s unique approach enhances your credibility, job satisfaction, and leads to successful outcomes. Join the journey towards true project management excellence with Focus HQ.

Focus HQ Specialises In These Type Of Projects

The Focus HQ application has been designed from the ground up, to be adaptable to any type of project.
The framework creates a common, workable and successful foundation for all your data and reporting mechanisms.


Transformations and Operation Excellence

Large Change Programs for people, processes, technology with a cost benefit analysis.
Asset Management

Asset Management and Capital Projects

Capital Projects to replace, acquire, decommission with a whole-of-life analysis.

Contract & Service Management

Professional Service firms managing contracts for IT, vendors, consulting, etc.
Corporate Project Management Office

Corporate Project Management Office

Project (PMO) or Transformation (TMO) or Value (VMO) Management Offices

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