Billion Dollar Projects & Decades Of Experience Is Why Focus HQ Will Work For You

About focus hQ

There is no greater motivator to build something better than to see the cost of failed projects along with the waste and disruption it causes. This product was created to increase the chances of success in every project because improved technology, combined with years of practical experience, has allowed us to create a better way. 

The team at Focus HQ have observed and worked in highly successful projects and they have also been invited to resurrect projects that have lost their way.

The cause of failure is, generally speaking, the result of inaccurate information, out of date information, inconsistent data or a combination of those factors. Bad data leads to bad decisions and so the cycle goes on to the end result of failure.


Standardisation is the key to successful Project Management   

It has generally been accepted practice that good Project Managers can use the system that works for them. Today, all critical industries use common platforms and consistent methods of collating, distributing and reporting data. Technology allows a level of standardisation to do that and there is no reason it should not be used.  

People in our team have worked on billion dollar projects and those projects can’t afford to fail so they operate through a single source of truth as does financial ERP systems, another system that simply can’t afford to fail.

Focus HQ brings this same high end technology, at an affordable cost, to projects of any size starting from as low as $50,000 through to an unlimited budget level.  

Focus HQ provides the tools, methodology and even intuitive knowledge to dramatically improve the speed of reporting whilst drastically removing  inaccuracy so you can reduce risk and increase performance for all your projects. 

Why is a single source of truth so important

One of the key advantages of operating the single source of truth methodology is you can eliminate hybrid and disjointed information collation and distribution. Focus HQ is an all in one tool that removes the need for Spreadsheets, PowerPoints and extraneous information streams because everything is rolled into one system.

We hope you will invite us to demonstrate the Focus HQ product to you so that we can show you how Focus HQ can make managing your projects faster, easier and better.

The Key to Successful Project Management


C-suite executives can track all projects (capex & opex), regardless of the size or complexity, quickly and easily. Stakeholders are presented only the key information to facilitate faster and more proactive decision making.


C-suite executives can  automatically assess  performance based on  governance framework – process compliance, data integrity, user access and control approval limits.


Project alignment can be mapped to business strategy outcomes and scenario planning. Projects can remain active until sign-off of the pre-defined business benefits are realised.

Meet our Team

Adrian Tyler

Adrian Tyler

CEO and Managing Director

Dr Bernard Terrill

Dr. Bernard Terrill

Chief Product Officer

Peter Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Renee Bath

Delivery Lead

Keir Van Den Berg

Technical Product Owner

James Esson

James Esson

Senior Business Development Executive

Mark Cooper

Founder and Principal Consultant

Sheila Esmas

Head of Support

Rod Kerger

Chief Commercial Officer

Babak Mahmoudy

Senior Engineer

John O'Connor

Chief Strategy and Investment Officer

Hernan Romano

Senior Engineer

Deo Viray


Rob Windle

Rob Windle

EMEA Director

Peter Routledge

Peter Routledge

EMEA Director

Paul Woddy

Paul Woddy

EMEA Director