Corporate Project Management Office

A Single Source Of Truth with Consistency & Automated Reporting

Change from “data wrangling” to strategic advisor

Imagine If your PMO team spent most of their time analysing and reporting accurate and timely data to you rather than calling around to collect information and reports.

Fast accurate data will change the role of the Corporate PMO to be a predictive influence on the management and control of projects particularly in terms of dramatically reducing the time between problem projects and the awareness of the problem projects.

In truth some Project Managers may not like having to work with a single source of truth system and they will claim it’s clunky because the inputs they provide have to be accurate and in a standardised fashion.

High end industries all use standardised processes and this trickle-down effect will become the accepted practice over time because once accurate information is in the system then reporting is instant can be automated and there are no lead times or inaccuracy

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Multiple operators - Single source of truth

Focus HQ ensures all the data is held in a single source of truth and there is no ambiguity. It is easy to get everyone on the same page. Single Source of Truth methodology ensures the data is correctly and consistently entered into your system.
Project Type Multiple Operators
Project Type Real World Delivery Capability

Real world delivery capability

Focus HQ ensures all the data is held in a single source of truth and there is no ambiguity. It is easy to get everyone on the same page. Single Source of Truth methodology ensures the data is correctly and consistently entered into your system.

Designed for mobile workforces

If your portfolio is complex with many people directly and indirectly involved and distributed across many locations, then this program will work exceptionally well for you. Focus HQ is designed for the new era of decentralised work teams to provide accurate, consistent, centralised data and reporting regardless of where your teams are and what devices they are using.
Project Type Designed For Mobile Workforce
Project Type Level Of Operators

Focus HQ is designed for all level of operators

Your staff do not need to be Project Managers to operate Focus HQ, the platform with its embedded best practices, guides users and we provide excellent support to ensure they learn to use the system using best practice methodology. We can have an operator up and running within 2 hours


Focus HQ is the only fully integrated PPM Solution across the Globe with all PPM BOK (body of Knowledge) areas including Benefits Realisation that can manage your full capital works including Asset Management/Treatment Projects.

Take Control of Your Project

Automated analytics across the whole project to provide insights into leading and lagging indicators relating to your project

Schedule, Budget & Benefits in One App

Create and manage data via in-app modules or 3rd party tool integrations to support your way operating

Never Manipulate a Report Again

All your project data seamlessly populates your report templates and distributed commentary to stakeholders and project teams.

Industries we specialist in

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Oil, Resources, Water, Electrical, Gas, Telco, etc


Councils, Local, State, Federal, etc
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Rail, Roads, Seaport, Airports, etc
Service IT Providers

Service and IT Providers

SI, MC, Strategy Consulting, etc

Single Source Of Truth Is The Future

It’s a “no brainer” that some users will resist change however, once you’re up and running, every stakeholder will never go back

Transparency, Control, Results

Enhanced transparency covers key metrics across your entire portfolio, internal and customer facing, leading to improved decision making and targeted interventions in real time.

Tailored Governance

The introduction of Focus HQ will ensure all project teams will adhere by PMO driven governance standards and PM best practices tailored to suit your project size and risk. Focus HQ can also “ring fence” the data to ensure users will only be able to see what data is applicable to them.

Project Type Case Studies

The Focus HQ application has a proven track record for ensuring the success of transformation programs across organisations. Below are case studies of clients that have implemented Focus HQ and are successfully delivering projects.

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