The merger strengthens both companies alignment to full 360 degree project management delivery, which also includes Benefits Realisation

15th May 2021

Melbourne, Australia – Finura Business Management Services today announced a merger with Focus HQ, the innovative Melbourne-based project management software provider. The cohesive integration of Finura with Focus HQ will deliver tangible value through the realisation and sustainment of benefits by implementing BRM (Benefits Realisation Management) as a powerful way to align programs, projects, and portfolios and expanding into AI (Artificial Intelligence).    

The merger is enhancing Finura’s presence in the global market, as it increases the company’s potential to provide best practices for high successful project management to a broader array of organisations and industries. 

More about Finura

Founded in 2015 and based in Houston, Texas, Finura Business Management Services provides the management framework to capture and manage the value realisation contributing to the organisational growth and profitability strategies. Finura is working to simplify the management of technology assets with both tangible and intangible benefits.

More about Focus HQ

Focus HQ’s integrated cloud SaaS application provides businesses with complete real-time transparency relating to key programs and initiatives while also offering automated reporting at every stage of delivery and benefits realisation. The primary purpose of Focus HQ is to increase the chances of success in projects of any size.  

“The merger with Focus HQ further increases Finura’s ability to deliver real outcomes that specifically support strategic objectives and maximise the overall benefits realised from change. The merger agreement is expected to drive greater efficiencies and significantly increase our market share while leveraging AI to move both businesses needle”, said Ian Theron, the founding partner and CEO of Finura. 

“We are confident that this partnership will align the expertise and resources that Finura and Focus HQ possess and result in a greater source of support for our customers”, added Sebastian Gadaleta, COO of Finura. “Projects are at the core of any company’s strategic initiatives, and we understand how important it is that projects deliver the expected benefits.”

Thanks to this merger, Finura can now step into Focus HQ’s executive team to bring a contribution to strategic and operational leadership and play complementary roles in managing business operations as a whole.  

“Project management plays a pivotal role in helping organisations achieve their objectives. Effective project management provides leadership, motivation, and optimised use of resources while removing roadblocks”, said Mark Cooper, CEO of Focus HQ.

“Finura will foster the development of a comprehensive range of high-quality services and innovative solutions that our customers seek to improve project planning and management. Both companies’ expertise in Artificial Intelligence is a valuable asset as we will be able to create a smoother process for project managers.”

“We are delighted to be joining forces with Finura’s team, whose creativity, talent, excellence, and technology innovation will represent the next generation of first-class services that we are eager to deliver to our customers. We feel confident that our combined solutions will allow us to realise our strategic goals within a short time”, added Grant Merriel, CPO of Focus HQ.   

Finura and Focus HQ will merge their visions and missions into one. Finura is striving to listen to understand, not to respond, in order to bridge the gap between expectations and outcomes and help organisations develop a strategy that tackles the challenges of business process and system embedment, sustainability, and continual improvement.

On the other hand, Focus HQ is a software designed by executives for executives. Focus HQ is aiming to provide the key to successful Project Management by making available to organisations the tools and methodology to improve the speed of reporting whilst drastically removing inaccuracy to reduce risk and increase performance for all projects.

Together, both companies set their sights on helping organisations overcome challenges and break new ground in their industries through the acquisition of a 360° global vision of the management of their projects. 

As a result of the merger, all Finura clients will come under the banner of Focus HQ and benefit from the enhanced quality and improved customer service. Both companies are focused on keeping customer needs at the forefront of their key operating activities throughout the integration process. 

Finura and Focus HQ believe that today’s organisations are expecting a more intuitive and innovative solution for managing projects by integrating the Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) methodology that measures how projects add value to an organisation and contribute to the business objectives achievement. Thus, there is growing attention to Benefits Realisation Management as key stakeholders want to know a project’s ability to deliver the expected benefits.

In addition, Finura and Focus HQ’s partnership aims to expand into AI to ease the burden on project management by providing accuracy of results, valuable insights and strategising. 

“Joining forces with Focus HQ is a great opportunity to complement our service lines and client base. We are very pleased to establish our presence in Melbourne and grow our global market. Focus HQ and Finura share common values and culture, and we believe that this merger is an excellent fit between the two companies”, declared Sebastian Gadaleta, COO of Finura.    

Now, Finura and Focus HQ are proudly looking forward to continuing their commitment to helping organisations grow and achieve their goals.  


Mark Cooper | CEO