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Government Partners

City of Melbourne

Melbourne City Council is the local government body responsible for the municipality of Melbourne and responsible for the vision, goals and governance of Melbourne.

Australia and New Zealand Partners

Logo Assetic


Assetic gives asset management professionals – whether they be engineering or finance focussed – a central repository for all their asset data to enable more efficient and effective outcomes.

Logo Counterpart Solutions

Counterpart Solutions

We were established to integrate professional service offerings in one organisation, allowing clients to access a combination of technology services, strategy consulting capabilities, asset management services and operational transformation expertise.

Logo Pipefish

Pipe Fish

At Pipefish, we help our customers across public and private sectors to transform, modernise and humanise their enterprise technology services and platforms.

Asia Partners

Logo Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

We established MinedOverMatter (MOM) with the intent to help our client businesses deliver upon their portfolios, programs and project initiatives, and to assist them in achieving their expected business outcomes by focusing on the core fundamentals of people, service, technology and analytic capabilities.

Logo Simplify Next

Simplify Next

We are a consulting and technology company, formed by leading consulting practitioners. We are an agile practice that delivers value to our clients at speed, mentors and grooms the next generation of consulting practitioners and technology experts, all while inculcating a culture of creativity...

Logo Open Playground New

Open PlayGround

Experienced Executive and Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting services, business application and telecom solution global companies.

DDE Technologies

DDE Technologies

DDE Technology is a provider of cybersecurity and advanced technology solutions and professional services to companies around the world that operate critical infrastructure in industries such as electricity generation and transmission...

Global Partners


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