Focus HQ Global Partners

At Focus HQ, we are pioneering the future of project management for the enterprise sector. Our real-world proven software is designed to meet the complex needs of large-scale operations, offering unparalleled efficiency and organizational capabilities.

We are proud to already be the preferred choice for numerous global entities, partnering with companies whose combined worth is in the billions.

The entire team at Focus HQ believes in the power of collaboration and are actively seeking to expand our network of strategic partnerships.

If your organization is at the forefront of innovation and keen on leveraging top-tier project management tools to drive success, we invite you to join our journey. By partnering with Focus HQ, you will not only gain access to state-of-the-art software but also become part of a collaborative ecosystem that fosters growth and excellence.

Connect with us today to start a conversation that could redefine the way you approach project management and drive your business forward.


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    Global clients have relied on Focus HQ since 2017 to manage more than 2305 portfolios, encompassing 8352 projects, worth more than $6 Billion Dollars

    Government Partners

    City of Melbourne

    Melbourne City Council is the local government body responsible for the municipality of Melbourne and responsible for the vision, goals and governance of Melbourne.

    Australia and New Zealand Partners


    Accenture, a leader in technology services, enhances its project management capabilities using the innovative Focus HQ. This strategic integration has streamlined complex project operations, ensuring top-notch client service and performance excellence.

    NTT Global

    NTT Global, a leader in international telecommunications and IT services, leverages cutting-edge project management software to orchestrate its global operations. This technological adoption ensures seamless coordination and superior efficiency across their expansive network, underlining NTT Global's dedication to innovative solutions and global connectivity.


    Siemens, a global powerhouse in electronics and engineering, optimizes its project execution using advanced project management software. This integration streamlines their diverse and complex projects, showcasing Siemens' commitment to technological innovation and operational excellence.

    Logo Counterpart Solutions

    Counterpart Solutions

    We were established to integrate professional service offerings in one organisation, allowing clients to access a combination of technology services, strategy consulting capabilities, asset management services and operational transformation expertise.

    Sia Partners

    Our goal is to help you create a better future for your business; and as a result for Western Australia. Our experienced management consultants use our ‘Strategy to Solution’ method of delivering lasting impact to ensure your business can exceed its potential.


    We connect and deploy experts and their teams as strategic partners into future-focused organisations. In this way, we provide whole-of-business digital assessment and implementation pathways. Our teams help organisations to prepare and align people with technology for rapidly changing environments.


    We exist to help clients see exciting possibilities through technology that works today and into the future.We bring specialised experience offering assured leadership as your organisation evolves.

    Brightly Software

    Solve every operational challenge that comes your way and transform the performance of your assets. With Brightly’s complete suite of intuitive software solutions - including CMMS, EAM, Strategic Asset Management, IoT Remote Monitoring, Sustainability and Community Engagement.

    JLB Yaran

    With trusted expertise, innovation and experience, JLB-Yaran aims to be the preferred professional services provider to Defence.

    Project Genetics

    Project Genetics is a proven leader in project implementation solutions. Our team has a successful track record in maximizing technology investments for brands worldwide.


    With significant experience in Mining, Engineering & Infrastructure projects across Australia, QVC is well positioned to help deliver your next Infrastructure program.

    SBS Integrated

    SBS Integrated is a consulting firm that partners with business leaders to help enhance/realise their strategy, capability, organisational effectiveness and business transformation opportunities.


    We specialise in recruiting expert IT teams to quickly & efficiently augment IT projects for Australian corporates & Government across a wide range of IT domains.

    Asia Partners

    Logo Mind Over Matter

    Mind Over Matter

    We established MinedOverMatter (MOM) with the intent to help our client businesses deliver upon their portfolios, programs and project initiatives, and to assist them in achieving their expected business outcomes by focusing on the core fundamentals of people, service, technology and analytic capabilities.

    Kaizen Blue

    Kaizen Blue, excelling in ERP and cloud tech, collaborates with Focus HQ, enhancing digital business success. Their synergy in continuous improvement and customer focus boosts organizational growth and strategy realization through specialized solutions.

    Americas Partners

    Schwarzkopf Tech Partners

    We provide an agnostic approach to help your company with your Technology roadmaps and supplier selections.

    Project Genetics

    Project Genetics is a proven leader in project implementation solutions. Our team has a successful track record in maximizing technology investments for brands worldwide.

    UK and Europe Partners

    Edge Global (UK)

    EDGE is a team of highly experienced professionals in the Payments space. Our people are from banks such as HSBC, Rabobank, Mashreq Bank and Erste Bank and large corporates such as Shell and E.On – backed up, in many instances, by years of consultancy experience in this space too.

    White Frog (UK)

    Here at White Frog, we passionately believe that training should not be a short-term hurdle but a long-term strategic process, with the unique requirements of each individual, addressed as part of the wider picture of the corporate objectives.

    Global Partners


    We're building something unique. Landing in the near future.

    Focus HQ - Seeking Partners

    We are seeking partners! Please email if you are interested in joining Focus HQ as a partner.