Professional Services Industry

Track, Manage and Deliver All Transformation, Asset and Capital Works In One System

SI, MC, Strategy Consulting, etc – managing contract governance and payment authorisation

If your aim is to avoid late penalties and cost overruns, then the very nature and design of Focus HQ is perfect for your professional services activities.

Contract and project operators will be required to input information through a standardised system and that will ensure you will know the real picture at all times and also allow you to pinpoint the trouble spots and underperforming operators easily and quickly

Regardless of where your projects are or how diverse your portfolio, the Focus HQ single source of truth system will allow you to standardise projects, automate reporting and red flag problems areas well before they are out of control.

Focus HQ can provide authorisation of acceptance and payment, including those that are deliverable, or milestone based. Contract governance and variation requests

Company Level Diagram

Multiple vendors - single source of data

If you have put together a team of different vendors, the risk of inaccurate or poor information and communication is high. Focus HQ removes that risk by ensuring all the data is held in a single source of truth and there is no ambiguity. It is easy to get everyone on the same page. Single Source of Truth methodology ensures the data is correctly and consistently entered into your system so you can be assured that reports are 100% accurate and instantaneous.
Industry Type Multiple Vendors
Industry Type Fast summary of your entire portfolio

Fast summary of your entire portfolio

Focus HQ can roll up multiple projects with multiple delivery vendors and provide the reporting for those projects in one whole of portfolio view.

Real cost and time savings by reducing or removing penalties and overrun costs

Managing vendor performances and integrated delivery through Focus HQ removes one of the major reasons for time overruns and costly penalties. Focus HQ provides accurate real time global and localised reporting without the need to create multiple projects or using multiple tools.
Industry Type Real Cost And Time Savings
Supports Virtual And Mobile Workforce

Supports virtual and mobile workforces

Focus HQ has been designed to manage the mobile nature of your workforce and the work locations they move between. Our access model allows log in and full functionality from all devices anywhere your team are working.


Focus HQ is the only fully integrated PPM Solution across the Globe with all PPM BOK (body of Knowledge) areas including Benefits Realisation that can manage your full Professional Service works including System Integration, Management Consulting, Strategy Consulting, etc.

Take Control of Your Project

Automated analytics across the whole project to provide insights into leading and lagging indicators relating to your project

Schedule, Budget & Benefits in One App

Create and manage data via in-app modules or 3rd party tool integrations to support your way operating

Never Manipulate a Report Again

All your project data seamlessly populates your report templates and distributed commentary to stakeholders and project teams.

Focus HQ Specialises In These Type Of Projects

The Focus HQ application has been designed to be adaptable to any type of project. The framework creates a common, workable and successful foundation for all your data and reporting mechanisms.


Transformations and Operation Excellence

Large Change Programs for people, processes, technology with a cost benefit analysis.
Asset Management

Asset Management and Capital Projects

Capital Projects to replace, acquire, decommission with a whole-of-life analysis.

Contract and Service Management

Professional Service firms managing contracts for IT, vendors, consulting, etc.
Corporate Project Management Office

Corporate Project Management Office

Project (PMO) or Transformation (TMO) or Value (VMO) Management Offices.
Professional Service Work

Focus HQ will vastly improve the performance and consistency of your project delivery

Focus HQ easily allows you to have an overview of multiple delivery projects whilst providing instant reporting, so you are always up to date which, as you know, is critical in the essential services.

Professional Service Works:`

Professional Services Case Studies

The Focus HQ application has a proven track record for ensuring the successful delivery of various types of projects across Professional Service organisations. The case studies of clients that have implemented Focus HQ and are successfully delivering projects should assist you and identifying the way Focus HQ can improve the performance of your organisation

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