Transport Industry

Track, Manage and Deliver All Transformation, Asset and Capital Works In One System

Rail, Road, Seaports and Airports - delivering any project, anywhere, anytime

Focus HQ has been based on the systems used for on time and performance critical projects with budgets in excess of one billion dollars. The consistency, accuracy and mobility of the system allows your team to manage massive multiple style projects within your overall portfolio whilst retaining an overview of the entire situation from anywhere at any time.
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A fast, accurate overview of all your projects

Focus HQ is built on the latest cloud based SAAS (Software as a Service) model so you can have control and an accurate overview of your entire portfolio no matter where you or your team are.
Industry Type Overview Of All Your Projects
Supports Virtual And Mobile Workforce

Supports virtual and mobile workforces

Focus HQ is designed for the decentralised work teams your industry operates within. The system provides accurate, consistent centralised data and reporting regardless of where your team are and what devices they are using.

Complete transparency from top-to-bottom

The Single Source of Truth platform, Focus HQ is built on, ensures that your information and reports are accurate and fast too.
Project Type Multiple Operators

Multiple operators - Single source of truth

The automated reporting functions, that can be customised within Focus HQ, also ensure you receive your reports at a time you need, regardless of time zones or location.


Focus HQ is the only fully integrated PPM Solution across the Globe with all PPM BOK (body of Knowledge) areas including Benefits Realisation that can manage your full Transportation works including Asset Management, Treatment Projects, Digital Transformations, etc.

Take Control of Your Project

Automated analytics across the whole project to provide insights into leading and lagging indicators relating to your project

Schedule, Budget & Benefits in One App

Create and manage data via in-app modules or 3rd party tool integrations to support your way operating

Never Manipulate a Report Again

All your project data seamlessly populates your report templates and distributed commentary to stakeholders and project teams.

Focus HQ Specialises In These Type Of Projects

The Focus HQ application has been designed to be adaptable to any type of project. The framework creates a common, workable and successful foundation for all your data and reporting mechanisms.


Transformations and Operation Excellence

Large Change Programs for people, processes, technology with a cost benefit analysis.
Asset Management

Asset Management and Capital Projects

Capital Projects to replace, acquire, decommission with a whole-of-life analysis.

Contract and Service Management

Professional Service firms managing contracts for IT, vendors, consulting, etc.
Corporate Project Management Office

Corporate Project Management Office

Project (PMO) or Transformation (TMO) or Value (VMO) Management Offices.
Transport Project and Program Works

Focus HQ will vastly improve the performance and consistency of your project delivery

Focus HQ easily allows you to have an overview of multiple sites and assets whilst providing instant reporting, so you are always up to date which, as you know, is critical in the essential services.

Transport Project and Program Works:

Transport Industry Case Studies

The Focus HQ application has a proven track record for ensuring the successful delivery of various types of projects across Transport organisations. We have included Case studies of clients who have implemented Focus HQ and are successfully delivering projects to demonstrate ways the FocusHQ system can improve your delivery performance

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