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Empowering Todays Leaders With Future Cloud Technology

Focus HQ’s integrated cloud SaaS application provides you and the board with complete real-time transparency relating to key programs and initiatives, while also providing automated reporting at every stage of delivery and benefits realisation.

Single Source of Truth

Track each initiative from strategic inception, through delivery and every step of realising benefits.

Corporate Strategy Alignment

Real-time analysis and reporting on all planned, forecasted and banked benefits from every initiative in one dashboard.

Tailored Governance

Dial-up and dial-down governance and workflows by project types or portfolios that roll-up to a single view.


Enable Better Decisions, Not Just Portfolio Management

Developing a 5-year corporate strategy is a skill, making the right decisions along the way is an artform.  Focus HQ will enable you to make those decisions based on real-time and whole-of-life project data rolled-up to your individual portfolio.

360° Visibility Program Wide

You will have real-time visibility across critical project data throughout every stage of the project.

One-Click Portfolio Drill-Down

Deep dive into running root cause analysis of key projects with budget, risk, schedule, etc constraints.

Real-time Lead & Lag Indicators

Summarised data at all program, workstream and initiative levels, forecasting analytics in real time.


Best Practice Data Templates & Reporting In One-Click

Focus HQ has pre-populated the application with hundreds of templates, so your schedule, budget, risk, issue, benefits and report templates across a variety of tools are no longer necessary. The Focus HQ templates will get you up and running instantly and dramatically streamline the day-to-day execution of your projects. Focus HQ has every project management body of knowledge area available in separate modules for you to use or toggle off if they are not necessary, so you can run your project the way you want.

Real Time Analytics equals complete project control

Automated analytics across the whole project to provide insights into leading and lagging indicators relating to your project.

Schedule, Budget, Benefits in one integrated App

Create and manage data via in-app modules or 3rd party tool integrations to support your way operating.

Data can be populated, reports produced effortlessly

All your project data seamlessly populates your report templates and distributed commentary to stakeholders and project teams.


Streamlining Approvals And Governance With Simplified Analytics

Focus HQ’s tailored governance, automated audit trail and approval workflows ensure the entire project team aligns to the businesses best practice processes. All project data is standardised in a structured format that can be reviewed in-app or exported for modelling and bespoke external analysis.

Tailored Governance

Real Time access to critical data through all stages of the project, along with tailored workflows based on your methodology.

Own Your Own Data

All data can be exported to CSV for external modelling or integrated into Focus HQ for enhanced data reporting.

Pre-Populated Templates

Setup data within minutes, control user access to various data modules, projects and portfolios at your discretion.