Variety Is The Spice Of Life – Except In Project Management

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Single source of truth - consistency & automated reporting

Many capable Project Managers have a system that works for them. The problem is consistency and corporate memory though. 

The Focus HQ single source of truth structure puts input and output consistency around your projects. You can have standardised, accurate data and reporting. You can build the knowledge of your office and organisation by continual improvement through a proven industry best practice model.

Focus HQ Can Work For You​

Outside of embedded auditing capabilities, enhanced data structures, process workflows and governance reporting, the integration of all your project management office tasks will be tied together in one cohesive application:

Focus HQ Specialises In These Type Of Projects

The Focus HQ application has been designed to be adaptable to any type of project. The framework creates a common, workable and successful foundation for all your data and reporting mechanisms.


Transformations and Operation Excellence

Large Change Programs for people, processes, technology with a cost benefit analysis.
Asset Management

Asset Management and Capital Projects

Capital Projects to replace, acquire, decommission with a whole-of-life analysis.

Contract and Service Management

Professional Service firms managing contracts for IT, vendors, consulting, etc.
Corporate Project Management Office

Corporate Project Management Office

Project (PMO) or Transformation (TMO) or Value (VMO) Management Offices.

Streamlining Approvals and Governance with Simplified Analytics

Focus HQ’s tailored governance, automated audit trail and approval workflows ensure the entire project team aligns to the businesses best practice processes. All project data is standardised in a structured format that can be reviewed in-app or exported for modelling and bespoke external analysis.

Tailored Governance

Real Time access to critical data through all stages of the project, along with tailored workflows based on your methodology.

Own Your Own Data

All data can be exported to CSV for external modelling or integrated into Focus HQ for enhanced data reporting.

Pre-Populated Templates

Setup data within minutes, control user access to various data modules, projects and portfolios at your discretion.

Single Source of Truth is the future

It’s a “no brainer” that some users will resist change however, once you’re up and running, every stakeholder will never go back

Single Source of Truth

Instead of using a mix of different software programs, users will input data into a single source of truth which will create uniform and up to date information for review any time.

Instant Data Roll-Up

No more finessing the numbers and data to manage the situation so bad news will come quickly and action can be taken quickly too

Automated BI & Reports

Automated reporting will change every stakeholder’s life for the better.

Enterprise Support Services

There is effort in changing to a single source system, however your users can “buddy up” with a Focus HQ team member and receive full personalised support so we guarantee they can get the job done.