Vendor Contract Delivery Management

Transparency, Control and Results across multiple delivery vendors or contracts

Centralised Data & Report with a Decentralised Workforce

Designed for your decentralised workforce to provide accurate centralised data and reporting.

In this new era of team mobility Focus HQ replaces old systems running through multiple data sources and decentralised reporting with a consistent Single Source of Truth platform.

Single Source of Truth methodology does not allow old or incorrect data into the system therefore once data is correctly entered into the system then the scheduled and on demand reports are 100% accurate and instantaneous.

PMO Diagram

Avoid Overruns and Penalties with Accurate, Real-Time Reporting

Managing vendor performances and integrated delivery through Focus HQ removes one of the major reasons for time overruns and costly penalties through its accurate real time reporting – without the need to create multiple projects or using multiple tools.

If you have put together a team of different vendors, the risk of inaccurate or poor information and communication is high. Focus HQ removes that risk by ensuring all the data is held in a single source of truth and there is no ambiguity. It is easy to get everyone on the same page.

Project Type Avoid Overruns And Penalties

Compare baseline contract with actual performance with no information lag

Focus HQ allows you to measure against the original contract baseline data and then measure performance against time, costs, contract deliverables, payment milestones and expected business benefits.

A good project management methodology is where there are no surprises and the Focus HQ real time reporting using a single source of truth assures accurate instant information when you need it. It is also easy to manage inter-dependencies between various delivery vendors.

Manage Contract governance and payment authorisation

Authorisation of acceptance and payment, including those that are deliverable, or milestone based. Contract governance and variation requests
Project Type Fast Summary

Fast summary of your entire portfolio and tailored governance

Focus HQ can roll up multiple projects with multiple delivery vendors and provide the reporting for those projects in one whole of portfolio view. It can also “ring fence” the data to ensure vendors will only be able to see what data is applicable to them. You can benchmark your Vendor Contract Delivery Management methodology during our obligation free demonstration, and we provide a subject matter expert suited for you in that meeting.


Focus HQ is the only fully integrated PPM Solution across the Globe with all PPM BOK (body of Knowledge) areas including Benefits Realisation that can manage your full capital works including Asset Management/Treatment Projects.

Take Control of Your Project

Automated analytics across the whole project to provide insights into leading and lagging indicators relating to your project

Schedule, Budget & Benefits in One App

Create and manage data via in-app modules or 3rd party tool integrations to support your way operating

Never Manipulate a Report Again

All your project data seamlessly populates your report templates and distributed commentary to stakeholders and project teams.

Program & Industry Specialisation

Focus HQ has been designed for a range of industries including Construction, FMCG, IT Vendors, Defence amongst many others. The designers of Focus HQ have managed projects ranging from $50 thousand to over $1 billion dollars and their experience is used in every part of the application to make your projects easier to run with a greater chance of success.
Industrial Img


Oil, Resources, Water, Electrical, Gas, Telco, etc
  • Trading Platforms
  • Fulfilment and Financial Automation
  • Investment and Market Analysis
  • And More…


Councils, Local, State, Federal, etc
  • Asset 
  • Construction and Civil works
  • Terminal and Facility Upgrades
  • And More…
Transport Image


Rail, Roads, Seaport, Airports, etc
  • Asset Renewal Works
  • Asset Acquisitions
  • Decommissioning of Assets
  • Renewables
  • And More…
Service IT Providers

Service and IT Providers

SI, MC, Strategy Consulting, etc
  • SAP consolidation
  • Software builds
  • Application lifecycle Management
  • And More…


Architecture, Engineering, Construction etc
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • And More…

Project Type Case Studies

The Focus HQ application has a proven track record for ensuring the success of transformation programs across organisations. Below are case studies of clients that have implemented Focus HQ and are successfully delivering projects.

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