Focusing on outcomes and refining the Information Management lifecycle in the AECO sector

Delivering outcomes for the AECO sector

It is well known that AECO projects require amongst the highest levels of compliance, compared with other sectors. This extreme level of governance can have a detrimental impact on the success and efficiency of projects, as attention is focussed upon delivery rather than on the intended outcomes as defined in the boardroom.

How much time is spent by AECO professionals gathering quality data to make decisions, and how relevant is the data they base decisions upon?

Benefits realisation

Embedding Benefits Realisation into project management, from strategy to delivery, ensures that focus is concentrated on the desired outcomes of a project and attention is not caught up in the day-to-day detail of fire-fighting deliverables and compliance. With Focus HQ, project milestones, risks, issues, and scope changes can all be measured against the core business benefits, without losing sight of regulatory requirements.

Consistency and transparency

Capturing business processes and best practices into a repeatable ‘template’ can provide a higher degree of discipline and consistency, with an auditable transparency both during and after delivery.

Whether positioning such an approach as the centrepiece of a digital information management (BIM) strategy, or simply using it to track return on investment and progress across portfolio objectives, Focus HQ can help set meaningful key performance indicators and track progress against them.

Tailored Governance

Involving the right people at the right time is the common challenge for the AECO sector. Focus HQ allows to dial-up and dial-down governance and workflows by project types or portfolios that roll-up to a single view. This ensures that the governance is appropriate for the size and complexity of a project.


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