Less Time Managing Reports And Data Equals More Time On Delivery​.

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360 Degree Visibility And 100 Percent Consistency​

Focus HQ is a Single Source of Truth system that allows you to have instant and automatic reporting so your team can spend more time on managing your projects and less time compiling reports.

Focus HQ brings down reporting lead times to real time accuracy so you can make decisions based on the right numbers and the realistic progress of the project at any stage instantly.

After decades of experience in the private, public and military sector, the Focus HQ team have designed a system used by billion dollar projects but affordable to you. The  process has been made simple, consistent and it works.

The benefits of switching to Focus HQ

Why Switch To Focus HQ?​

Finally an application that has matured your personal spreadsheet of risk, schedule, budget and reporting templates into a single integrated tool that will house and manage your common set of data whilst allowing your project team to interact with it together, at the same time. No more version control issues and your entire team will be communicating with same tools in the same language. Every critical industry uses standardised tools and language and everyone will use these same systems for Project Management eventually.

Best Practice Data Templates & Reporting in One-Click

Focus HQ has pre-populated the application with hundreds of templates, so your schedule, budget, risk, issue, benefits and report templates across a variety of tools are no longer necessary. The Focus HQ templates will get you up and running instantly and dramatically streamline the day-to-day execution of your projects. Focus HQ has every project management body of knowledge area available in separate modules for you to use or toggle off if they are not necessary, so you can run your project the way you want.

Real Time Analytics equals complete project control

Automated analytics across the whole project to provide insights into leading and lagging indicators relating to your project.

Schedule, Budget, Benefits in one integrated App

Create and manage data via in-app modules or 3rd party tool integrations to support your way operating.

Data can be populated, reports produced effortlessly

All your project data seamlessly populates your report templates and distributed commentary to stakeholders and project teams.

Program & Industry Specialisations

Focus HQ has been designed for a range of industries including Construction, FMCG, IT Vendors, Defence amongst many others. The designers of Focus HQ have managed projects ranging from $50 thousand to over $1 billion dollars and their experience is used in every part of the application to make your projects easier to run with a greater chance of success.

AECO Image


Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Housing
  • Commercial Information Management
  • Facility/Asset Management


Oil, Resources, Water, Electrical, Gas, Telco, etc

  • Trading Platforms
  • Fulfilment and Financial Automation
  • Investment and Market Analysis
  • Global SAP and Oracle Roll-Outs
  • Retail Store Upgrades and Fit Outs
  • Mergers and Acquisition Management
  • New Market Expansion
Industrials Image
Government Image


Councils, Local, State, Federal, etc

  • Asset health/maintenance
  • Construction and Civil works
  • Terminal and Facility Upgrades
  • Distribution centres
  • Expansion of Production facilities
  • Defence trials
  • Capital Work Programs


Rail, Roads, Seaport, Airports, etc

  • Asset Renewal Works
  • Asset Acquisitions
  • Decommissioning of Assets
  • Asset Development
  • Renewable Replacement
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Monitoring and Controlling
Capital Projects and Asset Management

Service and IT Providers

SI, MC, Strategy Consulting, etc

  • SAP consolidation
  • Software builds
  • Application lifecycle Management
  • Operation system upgrades
  • Infrastructure Management
  • RFP’s / RFT’s
  • Feasibility studies
  • Customer contracts

What Happens When You Switch To Focus HQ?

Own System

Project Managers have their own system including a mix of different software programs so they may be reluctant to try the single source of code input which creates a uniform process for projects.

New Guidelines

Finessing the numbers and data to manage the situation is a tempting practice so transparency all the way through the project will be unpopular with some operators.

Learning Curve

The Project Managers will have to learn a new system and they will find it different at first. We "buddy up" team members from Focus HQ with your people to ensure they can focus on the job and succeed.