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Single Source Of Truth. The Proven Way To Keep Control

The Focus HQ developers have used their real life experience, working on private, public and military projects, with budgets ranging from $50K to more than $1 Billion, to design a practical tool that will really work for you.

The Focus HQ single source of truth structure ensures input and output consistency around all your projects making your portfolio standardised, accurate and operated at the highest professional industry level possible.

Features that will make Focus HQ work for you

How We Work For You​

All of your programs (or portfolio) initiatives are located, governed and managed within a single source of truth with real-time reporting to ensure delivery of the expected benefits:

Focus HQ Specialises In These Type Of Projects

The Focus HQ application has been designed to be adaptable to any type of project. The framework creates a common, workable and successful foundation for all your data and reporting mechanisms.


Transformations and Operation Excellence

Large Change Programs for people, processes, technology with a cost benefit analysis.
Asset Management

Asset Management and Capital Projects

Capital Projects to replace, acquire, decommission with a whole-of-life analysis.

Contract and Service Management

Professional Service firms managing contracts for IT, vendors, consulting, etc.
Corporate Project Management Office

Corporate Project Management Office

Project (PMO) or Transformation (TMO) or Value (VMO) Management Offices.

Enable Better Decisions, not just Portfolio Management

Developing a 5-year corporate strategy is a skill, making the right decisions along the way is an artform.  Focus HQ will enable you to make those decisions based on real-time and whole-of-life project data rolled-up to your individual portfolio.

360° Visibility Program Wide

You will have real-time visibility across critical project data throughout every stage of the project

One-Click Portfolio Drill-Down

Deep dive into running root cause analysis of key projects with budget, risk, schedule, etc constraints

Real-time Lead & Lag Indicators

Summarised data at all program, workstream and initiative levels, forecasting analytics in real time

The Transition PM’s Need To Adapt To

Different Softwares

If operators are using a mix of different software programs currently, they may be reluctant to try the single source of code input which creates a uniform process for projects.

New Guidelines

Finessing the numbers and data to manage the situation is a tempting practice so transparency all the way through the project will be unpopular with some operators.

Fast Reporting

Reporting can be automated once the data is input, however users will have to ensure accurate data is introduced. This "do it once, do it right" system works but may be slower until operators get used to it.